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Criadores de conteúdo virtual

Somos um estúdio brasileiro independente. Fazemos jogos e experiências para várias plataformas com ênfase em Realidade Virtual e Aumentada!

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"With a watercolour style aesthetic the videogame is vibrant and compelling, with wonderful looking characters and 2D cut scenes."


VR Focus on Lila's Tale release

"When it comes to 3D/side-scrolling platformers VR makes them look and feel like something amazing and indeed Lila's Tale is just that. "


OculusGo Getters on Lila's Tale

"It's pretty awesome"


Nathie on Lila's Tale

"Overall, I really like Lila's Tale: Stealth. It's probably the first stealth game on Apple AR platform and I think Skullfish Studios has done a great job with this title. "


VR Games for on Lila's Tale: Stealth

"It’s a fun casual ARKit stealth game to pass over the weekend for those of you who love the genre or if you want to try out a different game genre in AR for a change, you might really like it. "


AR Critic on Lila's Tale: Stealth